Smaaash has always focused towards the holistic (360 degree)development of a child. The gaming zones at Smaaash are all a part of Robotics and AI. Hence, we would like the children to go a step beyond and learn the art of creating their own games. This method is not only focuses towards building an effective brain challenger game but also focuses towards the interdisciplinary approach of STEM and STEAM learning ,life skills and interpersonal development skill inorder to become an effective TEAM player.

Due to time constraints (45 min or 70 min) the schools may/not be able to give complete experiential learning. But here you are assured of the entire exploration platform for experiential learning.

  • We are giving the children hands- on experience not only with the working or making of robots but also with the magic of science behind each gadget, game they see around them.

  • Our team has designed the teaching pattern with an interdisciplinary learning approach towards learning fundamental topics of various subjects taught in Science, SST, Math, English etc covered in various schools (CBSE,ICSE,IB boards).The teaching is purely centered around NCERT guideline in correlation with IB pedagogy.

The focus is towards a complete overall development of the child with respect to STEM and STEAM principles, public speaking and an overall personality development of a child.

Total of 10 classes for each course 90 mins/class.

Class Room Modules

The suggested age groups are 7-10 yrs for Wedo 2.0 and 11 -14 years or above for Mindstorm.

Only on Weekday slot booking.

Yes, after the completion of each level.

It is in the pipeline to prepare kids at a competitive level. Eg First Lego League (FLL) competition. But if a child has enrolled himself for the competition we will be there to support.

We focus on a group learning sessions and not private coaching. This is because our vision is towards holistic TEAM development, where children learn the Think, Pair and Share their ideas.

Parents are allowed to visit the kids during the project exercise incase of emergency only. The trainers would supervise the child.

The learning course can be conducted separately for age group above 18 years,but we need to give minimum of 20 working day prior intimation to the center. NOTE:- The curriculum designed would be different from that of children.

Yes, there are discounts available to each group joining.The approval would be granted by the Product Manager.

Package & Offers

Yes ,10% on over all course fees.

Yes, but the validity is for 6 months only from the day of purchase.

Yes, 5% discount would be available for siblings only with the purchase of 3 hours together.

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